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  • Hanover Trail Watch

  • Hanover Trail Watch

  • Hanover Trail Watch

  • Hanover Trail Watch

The Hanover Trail Watch is an all-volunteer organization of concerned recreational trail users whose goal is to promote safe trail use within Hanover, Massachusetts.

The Hanover Trail Watch is made up of a group of volunteers who frequently use Hanover Trails and are familiar with the trail system. We are mountain bikers, hikers, runners, equestrians, bird watchers, cross-country skiers, and everyday citizens who regularly use the Hanover Trail system. Under the supervisory guidance of the Hanover Open Space Committee and the Hanover Police & Fire Departments, Hanover Trail Watch members take an active role in the stewardship of the Hanover trail system. Our goal is to make the Hanover Trail system a friendly and safe place by patrolling the trails, giving guidance to trail users, assisting trail users in need, and monitoring trail conditions.


Hanover Trail Watch members assist the Hanover Open Space Committee and the Hanover Police & Fire Departments to provide an enhanced patrol & public safety presence along Hanover Trails and Parks. Working independently, Hanover Trail Watch members act as the “eyes and ears” for Hanover Police & Fire, are a valuable information source for Hanover Trail patrons, and may be called upon to act as a vital link in the Hanover's EMS chain.

Hanover Trail Watch members patrol Hanover trails on horseback, on bicycle, on skis, on snowshoe, or simply on foot. Hanover Trail Watch members provide trail patrons with trail information; minor First-Aid assistance, correct minor trail hazards and report major trail hazards, and may be asked to document trail use activity for the Hanover Open Space Committee.

These are our “core” objectives, yet as a Hanover Trail Watch member we have the unique opportunity to do so much more: we provide a vital connection between the public, the Hanover Open Space Committee, Hanover Police & Fire, and the Hanover Trails themselves. Through our actions we hope to demonstrate correct park and trail use & etiquette to new or uneducated trail users.

General Objectives

1) Conduct general “patrols” within Hanover Parks & Trails with emphasis on multi-use trails, in an “Observe, Report, and Educate” role. Hanover Trail Watch members have no law enforcement authority or powers. The scope of our role within this realm is limited to observe and report, or education.

(a) Hanover Trail Watch members observe and report suspicious persons, objects, or activity, and identify potential hazards or emergencies to Hanover Open Space Committee members or Hanover Police via a cell phone or email.

(b) The Hanover Open Space and Hanover Police philosophy in most cases is “Educate first” to gain patron compliance with trail rules and regulations as opposed to immediately pursuing the law enforcement option. Hanover Trail Watch members may educate patrons about Hanover Park & Trail rules and regulations, and safe trail use and etiquette by all patrons.

2) Educate patrons about Hanover Park & Trail resources, facilities, activities and programs.

3) Administer first aid or perform basic life support if qualified to do so. Activate EMS as needed.

4) Provide Search and Rescue (SAR) support as directed.

5) Assist with Special Events as directed or requested by Hanover Open Space.

6) Document or report any observed hazardous conditions, unusual visitor activity or violations, wildlife interactions or other notable incidents..

Hanover Trail Watch Member Requirements

To become a Hanover Trail Watch member, you should complete the following:

1) Hanover Trail Watch one-hour orientation which includes: Hanover Trail Watch guidelines; Hanover Trail patron compliance; basic map orientation, and best cell phone reporting practices.

2) Complete the approximately three hour American Red Cross (ARC) Community First Aid (Pediatric, Child & Adult) and CPR certification class, which will be provided free of charge by the Hanover Fire Department. The Hanover Trail Watch orientation and CPR certification will most be likely offered at the same time, for example on a Saturday from 8 AM to 12 PM.

3) Familiarize themselves with the extensive Hanover trail maps, available through the Hanover Open Space section of the Town of Hanover Website, covering the Hanover Trail system. It is also advised to have access to digital copies of the Hanover Trail system on your mobile device or have printed copies of the Hanover Trail system for your own use and to educate trail patrons. The Hanover Open Space has free copies of the printed Hanover trail maps for all members and town residents alike.

4) Official Hanover Trail Watch garments (hats, shirts, jerseys, etc.) should be worn while (and only while) participating in or representing the Hanover Trail Watch. Hanover Trail Watch garments must only be worn by members of the Hanover Trail Watch.

5) To remain active each Hanover Trail Watch member should maintain current ARC First Aid and CPR certifications.

Hanover Trail Watch members are also encouraged, but not required, to complete the following:

1) Hanover Trail Watch members may be trained and certified through the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). This is a 9-week course, meeting once a week, provided through the Hanover Fire Department.

For more information please visit the CERT page of the Hanover Fire Department website.

Trail Maps

Our Sponsors

Hanover Trail Watch is thankful for the support from our sponsors. If you would like to support Hanover Trail Watch or know of a business that would, please contact us today.

  • REI, Hingham
  • Dave Knight Signs, Hanover
  • RHC General Contracting & Millwork, Hanover
  • Almeidas Auto Repair, Hanover
  • Synergy Soccer, Hanover

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